FAQs: Chanticleer Real Estate Sales

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Chanticleer Community Association a Homeowners Association?

The CCA is not a homeowners association and currently does not collect any dues.  It is a volunteer, social organization which helps facilitate communication throughout Chanticleer.  

Are there HOA dues in Chanticleer?
Chanticleer is actually made up of several different sections.  Each section has its own HOA or governing body depending on the area of Chanticleer.  For homes located within the Chanticleer Special Tax District there are no HOA dues, however taxes are used to maintain security, lighting, and entrance upkeep.  Please look at the current property's past tax documents to determine the amount taken out each year.  Other areas of Chanticleer may or may not have additional HOA fees.  The current HOA president of that section should be contacted to determine the amount.  

Is Chanticleer in Greenville County or the City of Greenville?
The street of Club Forest is located within the City of Greenville but the remaining streets in Chanticleer are located within Greenville County.  Please note that voting precincts are different according to the location of a home within the neighborhood.  

Does Chanticleer have restrictive covenants?
Yes!  Anyone purchasing a home within Chanticleer should receive a copy of the Restrictive Covenants at their closing.  These documents are also found on our website under "Chanticleer Documents."

Additional questions can be emailed to [email protected]